Upward Facing Dog


Runner? Cyclist? Footballer? Swimmer? Boxer? Hockey Player?


Whatever Sport it is you play and whatever level you are at, Yoga for Sports  will help you to move with more freedom, efficiency and ease helping you to keep active and improve performance in the physical activities that you love.

Classes are available for individuals and Sports Teams and designed with your particular sport in mind. Each class will combine a mixture of high-energy movements and longer passive stretches all designed to challenge and improve your suppleness, core stability, balance and coordination. 

  • Improve flexibility, stability and balance

  • Reduce risk of overuse injuries

  • Reduce muscle soreness and tension

  • Improve sport performance

  • Improve mental and physical relaxation

  • Increase body awareness

  • Improve breathe awareness and recovery

    121 tuition, small groups, workshops, one-offs, and regular classes all an option. Get in touch to discuss the best option for you.