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I have practiced and taught many different styles of yoga over the past 15 years and I extend my gratitude to every single teacher and student I've met along the way so far. 


Yoga can be a lifelong exploration of self-discovery and enquiry but once we step on the mat we are all at the very same place, the start of a very personal journey getting to know ourselves better.  I like to think of yoga as an introduction to ourselves!

The practice I teach draws upon modern modern postural yoga but with less rigidity on sequence and alignment than some of the traditional Schools. I believe there is no one right alignment for every body, and instead of trying to mold ourselves into a perceived image of how a yoga posture should look, we should be questioning why and how we are moving, so that our practice is safe, sustainable and injury free.

I have furthered my study of anatomy with MUFC teacher Sarah Ramsden, and am experienced working with athletes with limited flexibility.  If you're interested in joining a class, or have any questions, do get in touch

Look forward to sharing practice with you soon!

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